Flightless Birds



1.Monthly Visit1st Jul 2018
2.Duck vs Horse15th Aug 2018
3.It's Patre-ON19th Aug 2018
4.Web building27th Aug 2018
5.Temperature control29th Aug 2018
6.Shit list2nd Sep 2018
7.Peek-a-boob2nd Sep 2018
8.Anxiety5th Sep 2018
9.How to talk to a man who is trying to talk to a woman who is wearing headphones8th Sep 2018
10.It me11th Sep 2018
11.Why I can't have nice things27th Sep 2018
12.Rejected27th Sep 2018
13.We'll be ok28th Sep 2018
14.Sit down, Shiela11th Oct 2018
15.Boiling point14th Oct 2018
16.Arach-NO-phobia21st Oct 2018
17.Ne'er to be seen again7th Nov 2018
18.Seriously why do I even bother21st Nov 2018
19.One for the suggestion box26th Nov 2018
20.Pals1st Dec 2018
21.Art is 90% days like this.19th Dec 2018
22.Merry Inclusion20th Dec 2018
23.Blind date suggests eating out12th Jan 2019
24.Lifeforce10th Feb 2019
25.How to avoid getting chased or attacked by a man6th Mar 2019
26.And lo, on that day, she out-raged the penguin.14th Mar 2019
27.My vagina, Deryl24th Mar 2019
28.How do I still not see it coming even after all these years6th Apr 2019
29.If I could give my actual brain a hug I would24th Aug 2019
30.There's always ice cream24th Aug 2019
31.What my mum thinks happened24th Aug 2019
32.Hairvolution24th Aug 2019
33.Really, Internet?9th Jan 2020
34.The Weight of Menstruation18th Mar 2020
35.How you know someone is about to get on a 10-hour flight18th Mar 2020
36.It’s so bullshit, it’s true18th Mar 2020
37.Well, shit. It really is true.25th Mar 2020
38.And it’s faulty anyway.25th Mar 2020